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    345 ر.س شامل الضريبة
    • Set of shades and innovative brows and care tools ideal of the perfect brow group Everyone consists of painted stencil brow, eyebrow angle brush # 15, design emphasising lighting powder, powder eyebrow shading bilateral and fill in the blanks, powder Foundation for eyebrows, mirror, manual to clarify steps. light tray Weight, easy to use, fit travel, mobility and handbag.
  • Out of Stock
    345 ر.س شامل الضريبة
    • Palit and distinctive eyes shadows from urban decay, available in limited edition, produced in collaboration with Gwen Stefani.
    • Elegant packaging contains 15 gradient, an ensemble variety between Almaty walshimr, ranging between earthy colors, and colors of the season (blue, yellow, pink) easy to use, easy color blood.
    • C and blending, light on the eyelid decolonized bye weight.
    • lightweight tray, fit to travel.