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    403 ر.س شامل الضريبة
    • Women’s perfume, pungent whiffs of spicy fragrance feminine.
    • fragrance launched eastward in 1978.
    • begins with a mixture of aromatic spices, plums, cloves, bergamot, Youssef, orange blossom fragrance pink blend.
    • mediates cinnamon, jasmine, ylang, nightclub, wild night.
    • combination of fragrance base, Balsam, Sandalwood, amber, patchouli, vanilla, benzoin, incense, India coconut.
    • perfume of night and day, lasts long.
  • 311 ر.س شامل الضريبة
    • Women’s fragrance, warm wood notes introduction to modern woman Deluxe elegance and confidence.
    • fragrance was launched in 1990 with a mixture of fragrance starts.
    • Mimosa, aldehydes, coriander, musk melon, Red Rum, peach, rose notes.
    • mediates fragrance blend of orange blossom, INO, patchouli, Orris, grapefruit, jasmine, Wild night, rice, cardamom spice blend of fragrance base., sandalwood, amber, patchouli, musk, Civet, MOSS Oaks, India, alauris, proton.
    • perfume of night and day, lasts long.
  • 115 ر.س شامل الضريبة
    • Feminine perfume, feminine whiffs classical modernity the elegant limited lightness, mixture from the flowers rare .
    • The perfume in the year 1990.
    • The perfume in mixture from the coriander,the black raisin, the plum, the peach, flowers of the orange.
    • The perfume mixture from wood the sandal, the warehouse, bean  the analgesic , walnut of India, the cedar, the raisin the night and the day fits, lasts tall.
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    213 ر.س شامل الضريبة


    • Men’s Fragrance Wooden – Hot Pungent.
    • The fragrance was launched in 2008
    • The fragrance starts with a blend of pear, bergamot, lemon Sicilian, Italian tangerine, and grapefruit.
    • The fragrance is a combination of nutmeg, coriander, birch leaves, pink peppers, lavender, fir
    • Pepper, cardamom.



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    690 ر.س شامل الضريبة
    • Mixed perfume for the men and the women, perfume sweet, refreshing scent limited  the perfume in the year 2005 .
    • The perfume in mixture from  herbal green, the black raisin, the orange aalmr.
    • The perfume is mixture from aalnktaaryn, the locust.
    • The perfume mixture from walnut India, the plum.
    • The night and the day fits, lasts extra-long.


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    378 ر.س شامل الضريبة
    • Women’s perfume, unusual fragrances thick dense rich deep and sensitive and overflowing sensations. The fragrance was launched in 2012. The fragrance starts with the scent of jasmine. Mediate the fragrance of a combination of root, cashmere, almond tree. Base fragrance combination of vanilla, white bursa, bitter amber, incense. Perfume fits the night and day, lasts long.
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    1,035 ر.س شامل الضريبة

    • Women’s perfume, exceptional combination begins with a mysterious and powerful scent ending with fresh thin base, a fragrance inspired by the story of an Indian Governor Rahim vow of his life to his Kingdom.
    •  fragrance launched a perfume with a mixture of incense, flowers white. alaosmanthos combination of fragrance is centered, Iris blossom, abstract incense, alilank Ylank.
    • base fragrance blend of cedarwood, sandalwood, vanilla, leather.
    • perfume of night and day, very long lasting.
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    247 ر.س288 ر.س شامل الضريبة
    • Women’s fragrance with the hot floral aroma mixed with aromatic
    • wood. Launched in 2010.
    • The fragrance starts with a combination of lotus and pear.
    • The fragrance mediates a blend of glendina, vanilla.
    • The fragrance base is a blend of musk, patchouli, and rice from Virginia.
    • The fragrance comes in a transparent, jagged bottle that shows the liquid fragrance in light beige.
    • Perfume fits the night and day, lasts long.
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    587 ر.س شامل الضريبة
    • Men’s fragrance, masculine wooden vases with a touch of luxurious musk.
    • The fragrance was launched in 2007.
    • The fragrance starts with a blend of ginger, orange, lemon, bergamot, basil, violet.
    • The fragrance blends a mixture of Tunisian orange blossom, pepper, tobacco, fruit juice, dice.
    • Base fragrance mix of amber, patchouli, oak, coconut, rice, skin, nagermouth, gold.
    • Perfume fits the night and day, lasts long.
  • 309 ر.س شامل الضريبة
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    431 ر.س شامل الضريبة
    • Perfume women, sweet sugary sweetness, suitable for all times and events and moods, (first issued in the name of Champagne after the name With a new version of Ivers).
    • The perfume was released in 1993.
    • The fragrance starts with a mixture of coriander, apricot, peach, mint and anise. The fragrance blends a combination of carnations, litchi, iris, cinnamon, violet, jasmine, rose, oil, night and night.
    • Base Fragrance Mix of amber, pachole, musk, guava, coconut, vanilla, oak moss, rice, acorn.
    • Perfume fits the night and day, lasts long.
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    • عطر نسائي فاخر ويرمز للترف .
    • أطلق العطر في العام 2008 .
    • يبدأ العطر بمزيج من يلانغ يلانغ , البارغموت , المسك .
    • يتوسط العطر مزيج من الأزهار البلغارية , البخور , الأزهار , القرفة .
    • قاعدة العطر مزيج من الفانيليا , خشب الصندل , العنبر .
    • عطريناسب الليل والنهار , يدوم طويلاً .
  • 919 ر.س شامل الضريبة
    • Mixed fragrance for men and women, elegant and luxurious luscious fragrance, strange striking fragrance. The perfume was launched in 2013. The fragrance starts with a mixture of fruit notes, pear, and pink peppers. The fragrance is a blend of rum, jasmine, and ylang. Base fragrance mix of amber, musk, patchouli. Perfume lasts long and fits the night and day.